How often do you find yourself saying...

"I wish I knew how to increase my ad exposure without spending a bunch of my hard earned profits?"

Hello, my name is John Kirkman. I've designed this site primarily for advertisers in mail order and internet marketing — to show how to tighten up on your advertising budget — To save money and increase your Income.

This is HOT!!! It's Exciting! And it's YOURS for the taking!! Finally a Direct Marketing Promotional and Income program truly fills all YOUR needs.

After over 30 years in business ... this is truly our "crowning achievement." It is only for the most serious individuals who want to save on advertising and make a go of this business, perhaps even get borderline rich from it! It is not for those that want to just play around and waste time and money.

If you ask any direct marketing expert (and we consider a marketing expert someone able to make a full-time income entirely from their business) ask them what the two most important secrets they have for success and they will tell you — "low cost, effective advertising and profitable, well accepted promotional programs."

WE OFFER BOTH! All well tested and proven productive for our dealers. Your advertising costs are practically eliminated and you do no costly postal direct mailings - we place your offers directly with eager Opportunity Seekers and Buyers that have money to participate in any good yours.

I could ramble on here for pages but the best way for you to see exactly how powerful our promotional and money making systems are is to view materials professionally designed for them.

**Programs are displayed in .pdf format and require the popular Adobe™ Free Reader plug-in.

My eNet™ Advertising System used to put your offers in contact with serious opportunity seekers and buyers, does so at the rate of 50,000 each month — most of the above promotional programs above use this unique system. Of course our all contacts are "targeted", not just names at random. The quantity is easily varifiable and we send proof or provide your own unique STATS page, depending on the programs you choose.
It is important you look over the the above programs ... there is a wealth of information in them describing our eNet system. You will quickly see how it can save you money on your own promotional needs — while making you a lot of increased income at the same time.
There is no obligation and the worse that can happen is you learn something new about inexpensive and productive promotions ... not to mention the money that can be made with it.
Go back up and review them all - you won't be sorry.

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